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Our photography team specialise in Party photography, Event photography,  Masonic Balls, School Proms, Corporate parties and events. Any public, private or corporate event will benefit  by our services. We can supply backgrounds and lighting plus view and print on sight so your guest can go home with a stunning image to remember your event.

We Can Help you transform your event and if your a charity we have some amazing ideas of how you can raise even more money for your charity fund. Many of our National and local charity have greatly benefited by our active involvement. If you are a charity or a fundraiser  Please feel free to call us on 0800 170 1747 you will love our ideas. 


We will cover events nationally and internationally 



We will work with you to create and blend into your party theme by supplying props and fun dressing up gear to enhance your party.

 Why not try our Photo Booth  environment to keep your guest entertained ( this has been very popular with wedding evening guest as well as Corporate )


Why not get your guest papavrazzied as they arrive at your event Its a great way to get your party started. Make your guest feel as special and important as  they are. Nothing better then being caught by the paps as you walk  into the room 


That all important 18th birthday is a chance to get great pictures of your young emerging adults as the finally cross the line into adulthood. Well we want to be there to help you rember it in later years. As time goes on people lives change and it's also easy to loose contact with people, start to forget thier face, well book us now and those memories will be with you forever.  



What better way to introduce your new born to your family. Christening parties are fast becoming a big again. It’s a great family Event. We can cover thes events at a very competative price. Call us for details .

Masonic Balls - Ladies nights - Charity Balls - Fundraising events 

PictureSnap will cover all charity events Free of charge ( subject to our terms and condition and contract ) 

We realise the important Job that fundraisers do within our society we also know how hard it is to get good advertising images  to keep the momentum. It takes so much energy and time Well the good news is that we can help you with that. So give us a call to find out more details.

Music events and children's events Schools and colleges - Stage shows  

We Love supporting Stage performances of all kind including live music shows - Stage Couch events - Schools and College events - Performing arts and many more. Our attendence is normally free to all these event but we do expect your support in selling the images on the show night. If you are holding and event of this nature please give us a call so that we can see if we are able to help you .



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