Music and Stage Photography

Live Music and Theatre coverage.
As well as servicing our standard events we also will cover live coverage or rehearsal coverage  of any musical event. We have photographed many different bands and Artist from, McFly, Alisha Dixon, Roll Deep, Tinchy Stryder, Status Quo and many more, We are well adapted to working on stage  or in the side wings while performances take place. We also support school Music and dance performances and we are fully CRB checked. Being a professional musician in the 1980 I have one regret and that is that we did not take enough pictures and the one that we did take was very poor. Over the years iGroover has covered  many fantastic events and we have enjoyed every note. When you see us at your event try to make the effort to come and buy your pictures or if you dont get a chance you can alawys buy them on line for up to a month after the event.
We get the very best out of any lighting conditions and we can print all your pictures out on the night. If you have a music event that you would like us to cover for you please get in contact on 01372729607.
If you are a band and you are looking for a photographer or videographer, then please get in touch. Also if you are a solo artist, looking for art work for your album cover, then give me a call. I have worked with many AR departments and some of the biggest labels like Sony and may small independents as well. We can help you to develop your marketting materials and event point you in the right direction. So wait call soon 01372729607


As well as working with big name artists we also with a great deal with new bands and  rock schools such as Realistic Music Academy  . The Tones are a band that were manufactured by Realist Music academy  we supported  THE TONES by helping to generate publicity images in the early days of development, Theses images were subsequently  used  in Local and nation press to promote and advertise the band. 
Working with young musicians is always a great thing. Finding new ways to photograph them and capture thier first musical performances is a briliant opportunity. If you see that we are at the event then you will be able to buy your prints that night at a fantastic discount so make sure you come and see us just look for our sales are or follow the crowd. If you have band that need those vital  start up images  we can always help on TFT bases for more info please contact . Ed on 0800 170 1747

People often ask me what makes a great rock photo, my answer is alway the same - there is not just one think ! it a collection of great thinks such as , character of the person, the connection that you make to that person, the stage setting and the lighting. There really is so many things. But most of all it the photographers ability to anticipate and to read the situation. Music photographers need to understand changing light and adapt fast. You need to know and understand your camera so that its second nature. You need to be prepared to climb into high points or grovel into low points. The result of doing all of this is just so rewarding and worth every broken bone I have had. You have to be a little crazy to do this job and I’m happy to say I am

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THE TONES REALISTIC ROCK BAND EPSOM  We are always happy to help new bands to get started with those all important first images