Our College, Schools and university prospectus packages are very simple;

Package one small half-day session inclusive of 50-60 of the best shots of the day  of your selected images. The images come with a two year usage £450 plus any travel costs. Good for bespoke marketing or PR images

Package two is an all day coverage and is inclusive of 100- 150  best shots of the day   £750 Good for Small brochure coverage or images for presentation /end of year reports or to  freshen up your current prospectus

Package three is all inclusive This is good if you are re doing your prospectus this will include 2-300 beautifully finished images that will be captured over a two day period. This is Ideal if you want to capture differant activities that are not happening on the same day Or off ste activities Like sport, or school out days.  £1400 inclusive of all  

We can work with you're Marketing team to create bespoke images and we are very  happy to work with your design teams mock ups so that we can capture the images in the way that is best for you. So that you can get shot of those generic stock images, replacing them with real people and faces from your community. What better way to sell a course.

Award Ceremonies are a big part of our educational system. It's a time when we celebrate the achievements of the students and also the educational establishment. It's fitting that this is captured for the benefit of the students and also the college or school.

Great PR is generated by an award ceremony but only if the images are captured. It might be that you can get local or even national press coverage and there is even more chance of this if you have a great set of pictures to go with it.

Marketing and PR is so important in todays Education. Parents and young adults have a choice and will they come to you ? Well, one way of showing how great you are is to capture the things you do best in picture format. These images can be used for social media , twitter, facebook,  Brochures , prospectus, marketing material , reviews and report. There is no way that stock photography can compete against high quality bespoke images