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Ok so you have got the basic knowledge of photography and you want to learn more ! Our advanced training course will be just what you need.

Who would this course be good for?

Anyone who is interested in photographing editorial fashion and who is interested in producing work to a published standard. Great for any level of photographer. Its also fab for Hairdressers, designers who want to get a better understanding of fashion photography. We will have our own models at the studio but if you prefer to bring your own we can work with you on that. This could be good for a hairdresser that wants to try out some photographic ideas at a low cost.
Models who are looking to get into photography are also welcome.

What will you Learn:

  • Strong composition
  • How to pose and direct the model to enhance the story in the picture
  • How to light the picture to punctuate different moods, emotion and feelings
  • How to shoot for that editorial Look
  • Off camera flash / reflectors / light modifiers  

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