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The course is ideal for people that have DIGITAL SLR cameras and want to learn how to take better pictures.

The course explores the settings  and  functions of the camera and unfold the information that you will need to make better pictures.
Points that we will be covering:
Explanation of the auto modes on your camera and the best time to use them.

  • Understanding ISO and how to use it.
  • Understanding aperture and death of field
  • Understanding aperture priority
  • Understanding  shutter priority
  • Understanding basic manual mode
  • How and when to use fill flash in bright sunlight.
  • Basic composition skills

What will you understand at the End of the course:

  • Some of the main points of your camera photo modes
  • What ISO is and how to use it to your best advantage
  • Clear understanding of depth of field and what effect it has on your images
  • Clear understanding of shutter and aperture priority
  • How to enter manual mode
  • How and when to use flash as a fill light
  • Basic understanding of composition

The course will last about 2.5 hours and it will be on location.
If you with to bring someone as a model I’m happy to do that  also if I’m able to find someone that does not cost then I will
Alternatively you are welcome to pay for a house model, well worth it, £70 for the hour. But a member of your family will do just as good.

BUY NOW £125 Makes a great gift




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