Well It's been a long hard year and its time to let your hair down, get into that prom dress or suit and give yourselves a well sort after and deserved  night out !. IT'S PROM NIGHT. This is the most important night of the year. Some of you, year thirteens, will be will seeing your friends  for the last time as you embark on your destination of life. Maybe uni, college  or further education is an option or maybe you will be starting your own business or a brand spanking new career with an up and coming company. All is possible at this stage of your life but before that It’s your school prom. Today is your future memories and you need to capture them professionally you will need a professional photographer

Why you should not just have on a Photo Booth ?

Ah I hear you say we are going to get a Photo Booth. Well nothing wrong with that in fact we supply them. But it's a totally differant product and the end product is very differant.

Photobooth are designed for high energy fun you will pay the price much like paying for a DJ . With our set up there is no up front cost , you guest buy as many pictures that they want, Our photographers will help you to look great and have fun. Now we know that you want to have fun but our aim is to make you look as fantastic as you can while your having fun.

Hybrid Studio experience :

Our hybrid Studio Experience  gives you the best of both world. When you first arrive at the venue We will capture your arrival then before your meal we will take cool funky pictures in our studio area. Through the evening we will capture friendship groups and team shots  and then lastly we will Bring out the props and dressing up gear so that you have the Photo Booth experience .


Prints on the night:

You can have the option to either prepay for prints on the the night or you can select the option just to download the images. Another option will be a pay as you go option with prints  as little as £12 each on the night. 

Prepaid events:  This will bring the price even lower, we will have to know how many guest will be attending your function , to be able to negotiate a price.

There is endless  ways that we can make this fun for you and give you those very special memories to take away with you . To help us help you please call us on 08001701740 to have a chat 


Some interesting Questions that we get asked.

Q. Can we download our images free        Ans: Yes if you have bought the coorect page then all downloads are free

Q. How long do you stay                           Ans: We stay for the evening so that you can have lots of fun on our backdrop.

Q . Why does your images cost                           Ans: some packages are pay as yoou go others are up front payments . We will help you with this 

Q. How come the guy down the Rd is so cheap.  Answ : He is probably not professional  we are fully professional, we have business running cost and outgoings. To stay in business we have to charge.